Professional Development

 Professional development workshops for schools & organizations focusing on the moon and how it relates to all aspects of our environment

Mahina Workshops are based on ʻike kūpuna (ancestral knowledge) and follow the path of Aloha ʻĀina as the mahina affects all things on the land.  Through these Mahina Workshops participants will learn the fundamentals of the mahina from a Hawaiian perspective, expand Hawaiian vocabulary about concepts related to the mahina and build pilina (relationships) with the lunar cycles that affect the world around them.  
Workshop Descriptions
2 Hour Workshop 
This workshop touches on the practice of kilo (observation), the moon phases and the patterns the mahina follows.  
Half Day Workshop (3 hours)
This 3 hour workshop is an overview to the foundational concepts about the mahina and how it correlates to fishing or farming.  
Full Day Workshop (6 Hours)
This 6 hour workshop covers the foundational concepts about the mahina plus takes a deep dive into how the mahina affects the tides and different fishing styles.  It also covers how the mahina affects the plants and the times for planting and harvesting. 
In Person Workshops: Hawaiʻi Island
2 Hour Workshop $1200 
½ Day Workshop (3 hours) $1500
Full Day Workshop (6 hours) $2800
Online Workshops:
Online workshops are 1 hour in length and can be done in one or several sessions.  Information shared will build upon what was taught in the previous workshop.  
1 Workshop $600
3 Workshop Sessions $1700
5 Workshop Sessions $2600
Travel Fees: 
Travel fees will be added onto the price of the workshop for workshops outside of Hilo or Puna on Hawaiʻi Island.
Required Materials:
Mahina Workbook (one per participant) $40 each
Kumu Kits: $225 (Required to purchase one kit per classroom) 
1 Kaulana Mahina (valued at $80)
1 ʻAlemanaka Kumu  (valued at $175)
1 Kāleka Pō Mahina set (valued at $50)
*Materials not included in workshop price


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