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Kaulana Mahina

Kāleka Pō Mahina - Moon Phase Cards

Kāleka Pō Mahina - Moon Phase Cards

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Kāleka Pō Mahina - Moon Phase Cards

The Kāleka Pō Mahina is our set of moon phase cards. Each card features one of the 30 moon phases, with the moon's name and picture on the front. The back of each card includes details about the moon's features, along with fishing and farming information, sourced from Hawaiian scholars David Malo and Kepelino. Translations of their Hawaiian writings into English were done by Kumu Kaliko Beamer-Trapp. The information on these cards corresponds to the content of the Kaulana Mahina and serves as its translation.


  • Double-sided color printed cards

  • Printed on 8.5x5.25 inch water-resistant cardstock

  • Includes metal ring for binding

  • Available in 2 options: ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi piha (fully written in the Hawaiian language) or Hawaiian with English translations.


  • Use as flashcards to learn about each moon phase

  • Read daily to deepen your understanding of the moon's significance

  • Plan fishing trips, planting, and harvesting aligned with lunar phases

Customer Reviews: “I use this in my classroom when I teach my students about the mahina; this is a great resource!” “With this splashproof protectant, I don't need to laminate it.”

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