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Kaulana Mahina

Kumu Kit - Comprehensive Mahina Learning Set

Kumu Kit - Comprehensive Mahina Learning Set

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Kumu Kit - Comprehensive Mahina Learning Set

The Kumu Kit is your complete mahina learning set, specially curated for every classroom. It features three components: the Kaulana Mahina Hawaiian Moon Calendar, the Kāleka Pō Mahina Moon Phase Cards, and the ʻAlemanaka Kumu Wall Calendar.

Kaulana Mahina - Hawaiian Moon Calendar: The Kaulana Mahina is our Hawaiian moon calendar, fully written in Hawaiian. Utilize it to follow the moon phases and apply its teachings to daily life. This calendar draws from the writings of our Hawaiian scholars, David Malo, Kepelino, and Mary Kawena Pūkuʻi, sharing insights about the moon and its relation to the land (ʻāina).

Kāleka Pō Mahina - Moon Phase Cards: The Kāleka Pō Mahina is our set of moon phase cards. Each card features one of the 30 moon phases, with the moon's name and picture on the front. The back of each card includes details about the moon's features, along with fishing and farming information, sourced from Hawaiian scholars David Malo and Kepelino. Translations of their Hawaiian writings into English were done by Kumu Kaliko Beamer-Trapp. The information on these cards corresponds to the content of the Kaulana Mahina and serves as its translation.

ʻAlemanaka Kumu - Wall Calendar: The ʻAlemanaka Kumu is our wall calendar display designed for daily use, featuring space to write the date and moon phase in Hawaiian. It includes a convenient pocket to insert the Kāleka Pō Mahina cards.


  • Kaulana Mahina: 24x36 inch vinyl print, waterproof, includes grommets for hanging.

  • Kāleka Pō Mahina: Double-sided color printed cards on water-resistant cardstock, with options for Hawaiian or Hawaiian with English translations.

  • ʻAlemanaka Kumu: 36x24 inch vinyl print with chalkboard stripes, includes grommets for hanging, clear pocket for Kāleka Pō Mahina cards, and 2 chalk markers with sponge.


  • Ideal for classrooms, homes, and educational settings.

  • Integrate into daily lessons to teach Mahina phases and Hawaiian language.

  • Promote cultural literacy and environmental awareness through Mahina cycles.

Customer Reviews: “The Kumu Kit is a must-have for any classroom!” - Educator “My students are captivated by the Kaulana Mahina and Kāleka Pō Mahina; it’s a fantastic way to connect them with Hawaiian traditions.”

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