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Kaulana Mahina

Ka ʻAlalā- Hawaiian language board book

Ka ʻAlalā- Hawaiian language board book

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Ka ʻAlalā- Hawaiian language board book

Explore the parts of a bird and what each part does with Ka ʻAlalā. This beautifully crafted board book uses vibrant illustrations to vividly depict the parts of the bird. Each page features vocabulary highlighted in hua hakalama blocks, designed to engage new readers and foster a love for reading through repetitive beginner Hawaiian sentence structures.


  • Large 11x11 inch pages perfect for reading to a group

  • Thick board book pages for durability

  • Vibrant illustration showcasing parts of the bird

  • Written fully in Hawaiian


  • Ideal for classrooms, homes, and educational settings

  • Great for new readers to practice repetitive sentence reading

  • Promotes cultural literacy and environmental awareness

Customer Reviews:

  • “The large format is perfect for reading to a group; even students in the back row can see it.”

  • “The board book pages wonʻt tear, making it perfect for little hands turning the pages.”

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